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First Time Gun Buyer?

You decided to exercise your 2nd Amendment right and purchase a firearm.

So, now what?

-Do your research. YouTube is an invaluable tool as we all know. Do a search for "Best first gun" or "What kind of gun to buy?". The best is usually to ask a friend who currently owns a firearm as they probably have done some of this research themselves.

-Once you identify the firearm you want, use Google to find the best price. Every distributor purchases the firearms from the manufacturer, so there is no difference in the product from one distributor to the next. Since this industry is closely monitored by the ATF every distributor is reputable and you can rest assure, you will get the exact item you ordered. See the "Online Distributors" page for some of the many frequently used companies.

-Found the firearm and best price? Next you will complete the purchase just like any online order. However, there will be one more page. The last page will be for you to select the Federal Firearms Licensee or FFL to receive your firearm. If you decide to use us, you would either type in our zip code, 19008, or expand your search radius so that we are with in it. You will see that we are on most websites as a preferred FFL, however, if we are not, you can still send it to us. You can either have the seller contact us or provide us with their contact information and we will exchange the necessary information to legally transfer the firearm.

-Ok, so you have researched, identified, and purchased your firearm. What do I need to do now? Nothing. The distributor will process your sale and ship it to our shop. Once we receive it, we enter it into our Federal Firearm Log and take possession of it. Once the firearm is entered, we will call you and set up a time for you to come in. While we try our best to accommodate your schedule, please be flexible and patient. There is no need to call us to notify the firearm came in.

-Please read the "Picking Up My Firearm" page for what to do next.