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Our street address is 604 Crum Creek Rd BROOMALL PA 19008. Please be sure to put Broomall as Iphones will default to Media, PA and take you to another town.

-When you come for your firearm, please ensure you have your driver's license or state ID. We cannot transfer a handgun to out of state residents, with a few exceptions, i.e. Military.

-For handgun purchases, the Commonwealth requires your employer's name and address. They will NOT be contacted. If retired, self employed or unemployed, please relate that to the employee helping you with the transfer. 

-Since we are a residence and not a store front we ask that you follow these steps upon arrival:

          Park on the street and come up the driveway. Please Please stay off the grass. We take pride in our lawn.

          Walk up the steps as if going to the front door, HOWEVER, walk past the front door and continue to the side entrance. This entrance is on the right side of the house as you are looking at it. There will be a Thin Blue Line Flag hanging by the door.

          Ring the bell and give us your last name. We will buzz you in. Close the door behind you to ensure both your and our safety.

          For the forseable future, we ask that you wear a mask and if possible, bring your own black pen to limit the sharing of germs. There is a sanitizing station at the top of the steps and we ask the you sanitize your hands prior to coming down the steps.

-We will help you complete the ATF Form 4473 Firearms Transaction Record and conduct the background investigation through the Pennsylvania Instant Check System. (PICS)

-Once complete, you will either leave with your firearm or asked to return at a later time depending on the results of your PICS check.

-Lastly, we would like to share with you the rules of gun safety as you are now a newly licensed gun owner:

                     1. Treat EVERY gun as if it were loaded.

                     2. Never point a gun at anything you aren’t willing to destroy.

                     3. Keep your finger off of the trigger until you are ready to fire.

                     4. Be sure of your target and what’s behind it.

We thank you for your patronage and look forward to serve you again in the future. Please be safe!